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Junior Smokebuddy (Personal Air Filter)

Some often-overlooked smoking accessories can turn out to be a must-have, favorite accessory. If you prefer to be as discrete as possible with your cannabis consumption, a Smoke Buddy personal air filter might be the answer you've been seeking. The original Smoke Buddy and its smaller companion, the Smoke Buddy Jr, are designed to minimize your aromatic smoke impact. The Smoke Buddy air filter keeps secondhand smoke away from family, friends, and neighbors. The Smoke Buddy Jr. is perfect to get rid of smoke and odor in any location. Finally a way to keep your smoke to yourself! Blow smoke in and clean, odorless air comes out! This unit is durable and built to last, but also small and convenient to carry with you anywhere! Developed in the United States, the Smoke Buddy utilizes a patented activated carbon filter. When inhaled smoke is exhaled through the Smoke Buddy filter, the odor is reliably filtered out and is replaced with clean, fresh air flowing out.